Dexy seems to offer an amazing solution to documentation that is Platform Independent. It’s a tool created by a Ana Nelson, an open source software developer,  who happens to have a PhD in economics.
Obviously a better output that star gazing and making predictions in economics , that anyway go wrong Smile.

Dexy’s USP in Ana’s words:

There are many excellent tools for specific types of documentation, in particular many object-oriented languages have built-in tools for writing API reference documentation (e.g. JavaDocs, RDoc, pydoc), however these tools are very specialized and don’t tend to work well for other types of documentation, such as tutorials, nor do they deal well with the fact that projects these days almost always involve more than one programming language (it would be hard to find a project that didn’t include, at minimum, a few bash scripts or some JavaScript). Dexy lets you continue to use specialized tools for some parts of your documentation, and also gives you the flexibility to write other types of documentation in different formats (tutorials, user guides, lecture notes, presentation slides, posters, even blog posts).

Have started using it and it looks very promising!