This book gives a quick intro to Python and one does not need any prior programming knowledge to go over the contents. I quick read the book in an hour’s time and it served as a syntax F5er.

  • Some of the GUI libraries mentioned that I need to explore are PyQT, PyGTK, wxPython, TkInter

  • Need to check out Charming Python link mentioned in the book

  • There is no char datatype in Python. Never realized this actually.

  • Statements which go together must have the same indentation.

  • Singleton tuple can be created by specifying it this way  (a,). Why does one require them though ?

  • os.system(command) will execute the command. Good for creating your own backup routines

  • All class members are public and all the methods are virtual in Python.

  • Python does not automatically call the constructor of the  base class, you have to explicitly call it.

  • A variable starting with double underscore is effectively a private variable

  • Python provides a standard module called pickle using which you can store any Python object in a file and then get it back later intact. One can dump and retrieve objects in to a file that has an extension .data using pickle and cpickle module. This is similar to load and save command in R

  • You can pass multiple arguments to a function use tuples or lists.