The book by Alex Kuznetsov gives a great overview of  the financial markets in U.S. The book is targeted towards a person who is coming from a technical background and intends to work in finance but does not have a clear idea about,”What exactly happens on Wall Street ?” The book is ~ 500 pages and covers quite a lot of ground. The first part of the book gives a basic idea of how a Wall Street sell-side firm is structured, who are key players in the financial industry etc. The second part is the juiciest part of the book where the author covers all the main markets in US, with just enough content allocated to each market, that a curious reader will be enthused to read other books about them. The third part of the book deals with technology areas, and is priceless for a newbie quant at any Wall Street firm. The fourth part is too specific to people who probably see themselves as sys-admins.

The author is very clear about the target audience and hence highlights all the relevant aspects that a technical person who is looking for the “BIG PICTURE”, would immensely appreciate.

Link to my document that highlights some of the points from the book