In a book that has about 350 pages, the first 250 odd pages are devoted to probability, ODEs and difference equations. The last part of the book covers queuing theory for specific systems, i.e, Poisson arrivals, exponential service times of one or more servers. The most painful thing about this book is that there are innumerable typos. A book that is riddled with typos on almost every other page cannot be an appealing text for an undergrad.  My guess is that, this book will be never make it to an undergrad’s study table, unless the authors make a serious effort to publish an errata or come up with a better version of the book. Is there anything good about the book at all ? Well, may be, the chapter on difference equations is worth going over just once. On a second thought, I think that the first 250 pages of the book can be rewritten concisely so that it can be pushed to the appendix.  That leaves the last 100 pages of the book that reads more like a cheat sheet rather than a book from which one can really learn something. This book desperately needs a rewrite from the authors,else it is going to languish alongside the books that die silently every year.