It has been more than 5 years since I had read any elementary book on R, that focuses on statistics. I have been caught up in the aspects of gaining some hands-on skills in Python, Data Science and Machine Learning that I have been completely away from revisiting resampling stuff. I still remember those days when I had so many “aha” moments, while understanding statistics from a resampling perspective. Picked up a book titled, Mathematical Statistics with Resampling and R for revisiting some basic stat concepts

The book is a wonderful text to learn and relearn resampling techniques. The best thing about the book is that there is a lot of R code that you can immediately test it out and get an idea of all the concepts mentioned in the book.

I have managed to work through the book and thanks to bookdown package, have managed to creat a log of my workings in gitbook format. The link to my working log is below:

Have thoroughly enjoyed rereading the concepts around bootstrapping and resampling procedures. As they say, it is only by repeated exposure that you get a better understanding of the subject. My understanding of the subject has definitely got better this time around.