Life is important as it is the only thing you know. Realizing this is extremely important as that is the basis of everything. Universe exists for you only because you are.

Life is phenomenally intricate and one life time is not enough to know it. Is there a meaning to life ? The greatest aspect of life is that it has no meaning. It is the pettiness of one’s mind to seek meaning for one’s life.

If you pay little attention to this life within you, there are many unbelievable things happening.

The need for purpose has come because you are trapped in the psychological structure. Your thought and emotion has become far important for you than life. It is a trap. It is set by yourself and it is easy to come out. If you identify with the trap, you like it, it gives you a sense of safety. Walls of self-preservation are also walls of self-destruction.

If you look for a purpose, you are seeking madness. Purposes are creating in mind and us most of the times useless. Purpose of life is to live and live totally. To live totally, you have explored all aspects of life.