Suddenly I realized that I can shut off from all the distractions if i start to believe that I am living in an alien world which is devoid of any humans.

Look at every human being and think that it is a species which you cant communicate to, a species which you cannot see , a species which cannot see you

A species which lives in a strange way that you cannot understand.

Today I imagined myself sitting on a chair , working away to glory with no distractions whatsoever. It was a feeling that was heavenly.

No people around , No mind space for anything but statistics, No feelings of jealousy. No feelings of envy. No feelings of greed , No feelings of anxiety, No feelings of desire, No feelings of attachment. No feelings of lowness, No feelings of lust, No feelings of wanting to shag, basically undivided attention towards stats , math, programming, high frequency world , statistical arbitrage, modeling, R,

i guess R is my pathway to NIRVANA.