Stumbled on to this fantastic R site where a guy name Ralph has been writing about R books and infact writing book review on R

Diligently downloaded the entire site and started working reading through the blog posts

  • There are 3039 packages in R

  • They are about 2 GB worth of statistical functions and code

  • To download all the packages

  • pkg.list = available.packages()

  • download.packages(pkgs = pkg.list, destdir = “C:\\MyRPackages”)

  • Beamer’s best resource is going over this guys work

  • This guy has gone through Lattice , a book that is sitting on my desk for some time now

  • Venables and Ripley is another resource that I need to work on

  • Need to write about ggplot2

  • Visualization Books

  • ggplot2

  • lattice

  • beamer

  • roxygen

  • John Chambers