" How can I make this exciting?
" How can I add value?
" What else can I say about this subject?
" Why am I stuck at this particular point?
" How can I get unstuck?
" What am I missing here?
" What am I wrong about here?
" Why?
" How can I prove that?
" How can I disprove that?
" What do I think about that?
" If I continue to think that way, what might happen?
" What other problems like this one have I experienced?
" What solutions can I borrow from past problems that can be applied to this current one?
" What does this remind me of?
" What’s the best-case scenario?
" What’s the worst-case scenario?
" What am I doing right?
" What am I doing brilliantly?
" How can I jump the track?
" Which strengths of mine (or my company’s) can I apply?
" Which weaknesses need to be compensated for?
" Where’s the proof that that statement is true?
" How am I the wrong person for this project?
" How am I the right person for this project?
" How would an arbitrator judge that?
" If I wanted to make a big mistake here, what would I do?
" What data do I need that I don’t yet have?
" How can I better use the data I already have?
" How would I describe the situation to the CEO?
" How would I describe it to my mother?
" How would I describe it to my most supportive friend?
" How would I describe it to a disinterested stranger?