My Yoga teacher suggested me to go through some talks by Sadhguru and particularly on Isha Yoga and Isha Foundation. Some of the videos are available on the internet

Well, as usual I was pretty sceptical about the so called guru culture and the kind of double lives that they lead, as portrayed by the media.

Till Date I had never heard of Sadhguru  and only because my teacher asked me to read about him / listen to him, I tried looking him up on the net. I have found him to be a superb communicator with immense clarity in his thinking. Thankfully he does not advocate any religious beliefs or dogmas.

This  book written by an IIM-B alumnus , Jeetendra Jain reminds me of Geet Sethi’s book titled “Success Vs Joy” that I read years ago. This book is on similar lines.


image Takeaway :

Being Joyous is not something that you must look forward to , after doing certain things in life.

Joy is a state of mind that you should begin with and then the rest will happen , whatever that is supposed to happen.