This blog post is a short summary of the book “Same as Ever” written by Morgan Housel

I had bought this book a few months ago but never found time to go over it. Thanks to a brief pause in my usual project work, I have found time to go over this book. The book can be read in a non linear fashion as each chapter is independent of other and highlights something that remains same as ever in our ever changing chaotic world. There are 23 chapters in the book and the author tries to distill 23 timeless universal truths. Most of them are obvious but it is easy to forget them in our lives and instead focus on shiny objects that are forever changing.

The following mindmap of the chapters summarizes the 23 chapters


I like the central message of the book that makes one rethink about the events and people’s behavior. The fact that latter is same as ever and former is always full of surprises is reinforced by several examples in the book, that it is hard to miss the message. It is easy on eyes and brain as the core message is packaged in 23 different ways. Kudos to the author - the book never gets boring and at the same time talks about the same message over and over, reflecting the spirit of the book - many things remain same as fever.