• nlpk toolkit – natural language processing – book
  • machine learning – python
  • Potter UK – used heuristics, temporal stuff  ,rules of thumb to improve the rankings

After spending many years coding with a variety of languages/tools (C#/VB.Net,VBA, Matlab, various numerical libraries), I picked-up Python and am blown away with its versatility. Clean and minimal syntax, no bloated API, and an amazing array of open-source modules. Libraries such as Numpy,Scipy, Matplotlib, Pylab, Python(x,y) means I can ditch Matlab and keep all the functionality I need.
This book is a great introduction to Python for anyone who needs to handle and process data, and to the best open-source tools available to work with Python. It covers graphical display of data, but I wouldn’t say it focuses on visualization per se.
This is one of five Python books I would recommend: the other four being the Python Essential Reference (Beazley), Rapid GUI Programming with Python and QT (Summerfield), Learning Python (Lutz), and Programming Collective Intelligence (Segaran).
Wish this had been around just a year ago!