Came across an interesting video that talks about JS mastery but I think it is applicable for any programming language if you remove the specifics

The speaker talks about 10 steps to learn and master JS(If you do the following 10 steps, at minimum it will take about 18 months to be good at JS, at max forever)

  1. Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript
  2. Do the algorithmic challenges. Do at least 100 problems. Do three every day and you can complete 100 exercises in 30 days.
  3. Learn the basics of Computer Science
  4. Study books - No blogs, stackoverflow can replace a book
  5. Learn about Asynchronous JS and DOM
  6. Build projects
  7. Learn about OOP in JS
  8. Understand Functional Programming
  9. Learn more design patterns
  10. Learn one framework properly : Pick react and learn about state management

Other relevant points

  1. Learn testing
  2. Learn a different programming language
  3. Teach others
  4. Write about it