This blog post is a quick summary of the book “Do/Interesting/” written by Russell Davies

I happened to pick this book impulsively from Kinokuniya store. Glad that I picked it up. Managed to read it in a couple of hours and found a few hacks very useful. The book, as you can imagine, comprises a set of hacks to become interesting and the hacks are organized in to three categories of things one can practice:

  1. Noticing: If you pay more attention to the world, it starts to look more interesting
  2. Collecting: If you bang together the things you’ve noticed, they get more interesting again
  3. Sharing: If you get good at sharing all that stuff with people, it gets even better

The book starts off by clarifying about the act of becoming an interesting person.

It’s not about making yourself interesting. It’s about making the world interesting. And that means developing skills and habits around ideas, creativity and communication.

One need not look at fancy things. Boring and Mundane things in our life can be infinitely interesting if we pay right kind of attention to it.

Here is the mindmap of the hacks mentioned in the book





I think the biggest takeaway from this book is

If you are interested in the world, you will get the world interested in you. By being you.