2018-06-28 Machine Learning With Boosting - Summary
2018-06-19 Neural Networks - A Visual Introduction For Beginners
2015-10-10 Statistical Modeling–The two cultures
2015-09-11 Event History Analysis With R
2015-09-10 How Students Learn Statistics
2015-09-10 Mindless Statistics
2015-09-08 Martingales in Survival Analysis
2015-09-08 Mindless Statistics
2015-09-06 Survival Analysis – A Self-Learning Text
2015-08-11 No Shortcuts to Causality
2015-07-23 Biased vs. Unbiased
2015-07-15 Statistics Done Wrong
2015-06-14 MCMC for Item Response Models
2015-06-11 Bayesian Model for Capture-Recapture Data
2015-06-10 AR(2) estimation in WinBUGS and JAGS
2015-06-07 Understanding the Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm
2015-06-06 The BUGS project : Evolution, critique and future directions
2015-05-31 Bayes’ Rule - A Tutorial Introduction to Bayesian Analysis : Book Review
2015-05-10 Trade Classification : A Bayesian Approach
2015-05-03 Bitcoin Trade Arrival Modeling
2015-05-03 Mini Projects on Hawkes processes
2015-05-03 Modeling Civilian Deaths in Iraq
2015-05-03 Modeling Trades-Through in a Limit Order Book
2015-04-28 ACD–Modeling Irregular Spaced Transaction Data
2015-04-23 Simulating univariate Hawkes’ by thinning
2015-04-22 MLE of Hawkes' self-exciting point processes
2015-04-19 Simulating NHPP in R
2015-04-14 Queueing Systems : Volume I
2015-04-14 Why is Poisson process, a very special process
2015-04-09 The need for a Bayesian wrapper
2015-04-04 Why is Life expectancy at birth in Monaco ~90 years
2015-03-28 Digital Dice : Book Review
2015-02-22 Use of Continued Fractions for Laplace Transforms
2014-12-20 Propensity score in observational studies
2014-11-09 How Not To Be Wrong
2014-09-19 “glmnet” webinar
2014-09-13 Introduction to Bootstrap Methods with Applications to R
2014-09-13 The imprecision of volatility indexes
2014-09-12 How Normal is a family of distributions
2014-09-07 Choosing the Best Volatility Models
2014-09-05 Bootstrap method for robust inference
2014-08-30 Data Dredging
2014-08-24 An Introduction to Information Theory
2014-08-08 Matrix Algebra : Theory, Computations, and Applications in Statistics
2014-07-29 Curse of Dimensionality
2014-07-13 Optimal Liquidation
2014-07-12 Google trends : Proxy in State Space modeling
2014-06-19 Spectral Analysis of Time Series Data : Summary
2014-06-13 Security Bid/Ask Dynamics with Discreteness and Clustering
2014-06-13 Understanding the Kalman Filter